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I have recently (2012) been raked over the coals and dumped on the side of the road by this dealership and am absolutely determined to bring that ***-bag owner and all of his lying excuses of employees down.

From the start the salesmen promised me I could get a car within my means. After days of negotiating and finally driving away with a car they tried to take the car back. Knowing the law and getting advice from another car dealership, I chose to keep the car as I gave them all they requested at the time of signing the contract. I was hounded by the finance guys and told to keep the car by the sales team manager. They sent a repo company to pick up the car who not only had no legal right to take the car, stalked me and harassed me at work, cornered me as if I was a criminal, made public my personal information, and physically and verbally threatened me in front of my children and parents. I ended up calling the police who made very clear the repo company Ventura Co Recovery was not to physically keep me and my family from leaving by blocking our vehicle with theirs. When I was warn out and did not want my young children to endure any more trauma resulting in bad dreams and being afraid of being alone (because they were scared of repo slime) I decided to take this absolute heinous experience to the owner "Mr 6 fingered Crown" because the staff gave me such *** conflicting advice. What a mistake! In front of my young son he insulted me, bullied me, and attempted to scare me into agreeing with him. Never evan heard a word I had to say while constantly interrupting me and frightening my son. I immediately left.

The details of this horrible car buying experience go on and on but honestly, I'm gonna save my energy for the court room.

Anyone interested in joining my class-action suit team?

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Yes I'm interested in class action.

to Anonymous #1315068

Hey Count ***-ula, this post is five years old.


I've recently had a horribly outrageous experience dealing with Crown Dodge of Ventura and wished I had heard your experience before calling them.

Suffice it to say, a long story short, they lied, they wasted my time, ran my wife's credit without her authorization, had at least 2 "so-called managers" call me, only to then, hang up on me; when I began explaining how inconsiderate, disrespectful and unprofessional their sales person, sales manager, finance manager and floor manager were to me. I'll join in

Gadsden, Alabama, United States #925826

I would like to join it

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